Your Brand Identity Visual Vocabulary | How It Can Help Your Small Business | Part Two

November 10, 2017

Your Brand Identity Visual Vocabulary | How It Can Help Your Small Business | Part Two

VISUAL VOCABULARY SPECIFICATIONS: To create a Visual Vocabulary for your business, you should create a set of specifications for the types of design elements you will use in all of your marketing materials. Once you have laid out the set of “rules” for your Visual Vocabulary, use the same elements consistently throughout your materials. When trends change, or when your business grows or your materials become stale, you can simply change some or all of these elements to create a new, fresh look.

Specifying the qualities of these design elements and using them consistently throughout your marketing materials will have many benefits, including:

1. Increasing your brand’s memorability: A Visual Vocabulary gives your marketing materials more designed visuals. Adding more visuals makes your materials, and your company, more memorable.

2. Making your brand designs more flexible: A Visual Vocabulary can provide you with a set of visuals that are more loosely tied to your business than your logo, which means that you can exchange and recombine those visuals for different campaigns, service offerings, or products. You can also redesign your Visual Vocabulary elements during the lifecycle of your business, updating and refreshing your materials as necessary, while still backing them with a solid logo and brand identity base.

3. Adding to the consistency of your marketing materials: When you use your Visual Vocabulary across all of your marketing materials, the repeated elements add to your visual consistency.

4. Making your business’s materials stand out from the competition: Your Visual Vocabulary can add a lot of personality to your materials, differentiating them from your competition’s marketing pieces. It can also add visual information to your materials, to help tell your business’s story.

5. Making a small business look larger: By expanding your brand design with more surrounding graphics, you’ll expand your designs and make your small business look like a bigger business.

A Visual Vocabulary provides a powerful key to your target market, helping it to better understand your business: what you offer and how you work. It also contributes to your business’s memorability.

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