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What Makes A Brand Strong? | Part One

Although there are a myriad of things that can be considered these two key factors will give you a pretty good start. A brand is seen to be strong when:

Its brand promise is compelling and genuine.
It has a loyal and growing customer base.

The brand promise is compelling and genuine

In an earlier post I defined a brand as, “A set of associations linked to a product or service through its name, logo and other symbols that provide a compelling promise of value.”

The brand promise is compelling when its customers perceive it as being more relevant in helping them to achieve their goals than its competition. In other words, it offers an advantage over alternatives in meeting their needs.

The brand promise is genuine when the brand reliably and consistently delivers it to its customers.

That’s why the old adage that “nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising” is popular with astute brand marketers. A brand shouldn’t make a promise that it can’t keep if its owners aspire for it to be strong and stand out in the marketplace.

It’s for this reason that brand marketers are usually so passionate about nurturing a tailored business model for their brands–one which comprises the right brand-aligned culture, capabilities and company-wide business practices that span functional silos–to create, deliver and communicate the compelling value that customers are seeking.