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The Value of the Package

The value of the package relative to the product inside changes as the product moves up the hierarchy of needs. Here are five that showcase that packaging is based on a hierarchy of needs.

PHYSIOLOGICAL: The semi-lean hamburger package contains all the parts and documentation for use of this product including ingredients, recipes, and other fundamental pieces.

SAFETY: Microsoft computer mouse PET Plastic clamshell package. The package protects the product as well as reduces theft or loss.

BELONGING: Flexible plastic packaging for “MyMy” bubble bath. The package presents the brand and product in a way that connects with a larger community of like minded individuals, making the connection between individual and community.

ESTEEM: M Vodka etched glass spirits bottle. The package delivers the confidence, competence, and achievement of the brand and connects with the consumer through highly emotional methods.

SELF-ACTUALIZATION: Method brand surface cleaner in a plastic spray bottle. The package turns benefits into emotional rewards surrounding the brand and the experience of having the brand in the consumer’s life.