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July 10, 2013

The Value of In-House Design Divisions for Brand Identity Programs | Part One

Companies who value design, and value the contributions of designers, get more effective, strategic, and intelligent marketing and communications solutions. Many companies believe that greater control, efficiency, and cost savings may be garnered through bringing creative work—design, writing, and production—in-house. Brand identity programs are more often than not developed by outside firms who have the experience, staffing, and qualifications to develop new branding strategies. In-house designers often implement the bulk of an identity program once it has been launched and standards are in place.

Understanding the role that the internal design department will play in implementing and managing a new brand identity is critical to the success of the program. The new brand identity is an asset that needs to be managed and nurtured. First and foremost, the identity system itself must be easy to understand and to implement. The balance between consistency and flexibility must be clear at the outset.