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March 6, 2013

The La Famiglia Private Label, New Logo and Wine Label

I’m very excited about the new La Famiglia label designed by Austin West Design. I’ve worked with Brooke Austin on previous projects and am once again most pleased with the results.

Brooke was asked to design a label to incorporate the dramatic repositioning of La Famiglia Pinot Grigio. We met and discussed the competitive positioning strategy, demonstrable attributes, key positioning elements, and consumer target groups. From working with Brooke previously I know she has an excellent “ear,” and quickly understands the requirements, parameters and drivers of the project. During the first two rounds of label design she provided me with many design directions and solutions. They were exciting and interesting, and clearly hit the repositioning target. It was extremely difficult to narrow the design direction down due to the quality and creativity of the numerous design solutions.

While excited about the final label in its entirety, I am thrilled with her innovative work on the La Famiglia Winery vignette, a subtle and clever combination of an L, F, and W (La Famiglia Winery.) This distinctive mark will serve the brand well for many years. The initial feedback from our national sales and marketing company, distributors and customers on our new La Famiglia Winery is exceptionally positive, and I’m looking forward to an excellent marketing and sales year with our new LF package.

Steve Cousins
March 2010