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May 27, 2016

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The Love Curve helps focus your brand strategy

• Indifferent: Establish your brand in the consumers mind.
1. Mind Shift: drive new position or re-enforce current
2. Mind Share: more attention than competitors
3. New News: launch something new
4. Turnaround: focus energy on gaps, leaks.

• Like It: Separate Your Brand from the pack to create a following
5. Drive Acquisition: new consumers
6. Drive Penetration: get consumers to use more/differently
7. Consolidation: get consumers to use for everything
8. Cross Sell: get current consumers to try other products

• Love It: Tug on the heartstrings to Tighten Bond with your most loyal customers
9. Experience: shift from product to experience
10. Maintain: re-enforce Brand Equities
11. Deeper: consolidation or broader usage
12. New Reasons To Love: target most loyal user

• Beloved: Continue magic and get loyalists to speak on your behalf
13. Magic: continue surprising and delighting loyalists.
14. Leverage Power: drive value from source of power
15. Attack Yourself: continue to improve
16. Use Loyalists: to influence others

Use this as a guideline to get you started on your plan and you may need to add specific flavoring to your situation. As you’ll see, if your brand is at the Indifferent stage, you can’t easily cross sell and you certainly can’t get loyalists to influence others, since you have no real loyalists.