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April 10, 2017

BRANDING | The Curse of The Three Intitial Company Name | Part Two

What’s so wrong with that? For starters, the CLM name is now guaranteed to mean nothing, to be hard to remember … even hard to hear. (E.g., we got a voice mail the other day but couldn’t make out the the caller’s three-initial firm, since B’s, D’s, T’s, P’s and C’s weren’t precisely enunciated. We called them, got a semi-murky recorded message that we listened to in vain, then gave up.)

Next, the Three Initial Mistake probably guarantees that you will not have it for a web address. Check it out; all three-letter and four-letter url’s are gone. Totally. Why does this matter? (If you have to ask this question, you really shouldn’t be naming a company.) It is crucial that your name and url coincide in some fashion, because your web address is your front lobby. It’s where prospects will come to validate you and measure you and decide whether to do business with you. It’s your most cost-effective salesperson: advertising as a hunter/gatherer is costly, being visible so prospects can find you is far more efficient.

Finally, a zero-content, opaque name is (transparently) all about you, and not about your customer. It’s not about what they need or want, has no implied benefit, takes no position, fails to differentiate, and conveys bupkes to prospects who want to be persuaded. A three-letter puzzle name is an inside joke, with the customer left out.