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August 28, 2013

The Brand Value Proposition and the Customer-Brand Relationship

The brand identity system includes the value proposition, which is created by the brand identity. in addition to functional benefits, the value proposition can include emotional and self-expressive benefits.

An emotional benefit relates to the ability of the brand to make the buyer or user of a brand feel something during the purchase process or use experience. The strongest identities often include emotional benefits, such as the way a customer feels safe in a Volvo, warm when buying or reading a Hallmark card, or strong and rugged when wearing Levi’s.

Emotional benefits add richness and depth to owning and using the brand. Without the memories that Sun-Maid Raisins evoke, the brand would border on commodity status. The familiar red package links many users to the happy days of helping mom in the kitchen (or an idealized childhood for some who wish they had such experiences). The result can be a different use experience—one with feelings—and a stronger brand.