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December 15, 2016

The 7 Secrets of Growing A Globally Competitive Brand | Part Three


5. Repositioning Can Be a Fool’s Chase.
To reposition means to change what currently exists as your community’s brand equity and shift it significantly enough to take on a new meaning. When I lecture on this, my requirement is that your community’s brand promise must undergo a fundamental change in order to be considered a repositioning of your community. Otherwise, you are simply introducing another campaign to communicate your community’s benefit promise. Why does this matter? If you hire an Agency to reposition your community they will start at square #1 and charge you for the process of discovering your community’s benefit promise and the bringing it to life visually (create a branding system). The output should be a new, and significantly different, promise statement. If you have a good benefit promise, then you do not need to pay again for this work. Don’t waste your money! Also beware, I often see that what Agencies claim as repositioning is simply a logo and tagline redesign initiative. The problem with that is you are paying for work you really don’t need. In this case semantics matter. If you want a new campaign to bring your community’s benefit promise to life, then hire an Agency to create a new campaign based on your existing promise statement. If you want a more compelling promise statement, and have not fundamentally changed your community, then hire an Agency to help you better articulate your current community promise. If you want a new logo, hire a designer and pay only for a new logo. Given my strong counsel, it is reasonable to wonder if any community ever truly repositions itself. The answer is rarely. Think Pittsburgh after the decline of the steel industry, or Detroit (in process and arguably in denial) after the decline of the domestic automotive industry.