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December 1, 2016

The 7 Secrets of Growing A Globally Competitive Brand | Part One

THE 7 SECRETS | One & Two

1. Focus Equals Simplicity.
Simplicity is important because your target audience is exposed to a staggering number of messages each and every day. They are unable to process all the information coming at them. In order to get your message to stand out from the noise, your promise needs to be as simple to understand as possible. Simplicity is not easy to achieve though. It requires you to truly understand your community benefit promise and to boil all the supporting features to one or two compelling reasons to believe your promise is authentic. You will know you are in the “sweet spot” when you hear criticisms like “Is that all?”, or “Anybody could have come up with that, it’s too simple.”. The fact of the matter is that while simplicity takes a lot of work to achieve, when you do achieve it your community promise will seem obvious. Don’t despair when you hear those criticisms. They simply mean you’ve done a good job.

2. The Medium Is Not The Message, The Message Is The Message.
A great promotional mix to communicate the wrong message is a waste of taxpayer (or funder) dollars. You must first have a compelling benefit promise for your community to communicate. Then worry about the promotional mix. I have been concerned for a while with the fascination the economic development profession has had with social media. I’ve attended a number of panel discussions (and participated on a few) where the speakers talk about a new world order and how critical it is to have an effective social media effort supporting your community branding work. Yet, without a compelling message, any social media program will be a waste of time and resources.

Remember, having a conversation requires you to have something worthwhile to say. If you don’t, then what’s the point?