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March 9, 2016

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Ten Guidelines For Effective Front Panel Design

Branding, marketing, and advertising all converge on the front panel of a retail package. Dedicated package designers would argue a package does all of that and more, and that nothing represents the brand more than the retail package. That’s because the package is the one of the first places the consumer interacts with the brand prior to making a purchase decision.

There are certainly no hard-and-fast rules in front panel package design, and some categories have much more freedom to experiment. Here are some guidelines that will help you defined your brand on the front panels of packages on today’s over-cluttered retail shelves.

1. Determine the Brand Position
2. Explore The Competitive Environment
3. Settle on Hierarchy
4. Make One Element the Hero
5. Keep It Simple
6. Manage Stakeholder Expectations
7. Communicate Value Visually
8. Be Mindful of Category-Specific Rules
9. Don’t Forget Findability and shopability
10. Plan For Future Brand Extensions