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November 1, 2013

See A Need, Package a Need

So how important is the package to the eventual success of the product and brand? That depends on the relative importance of the contents and the importance you and your client place on the package design.

Famed American psychologist Abraham Maslow, and his hierarchy of needs can provide a framework for considering a package’s importance. Item’s that deliver on the physiological-the basic needs of an individual-will likely be packaged at the same level. The average, semi-lean, hamburger meat at the local grocery store, labeled and shrinked wrapped, is a great example of the way contents and package delivers on the physiological needs of a consumer.

From base peak, the self-actualization level is required to connect a product to these higher needs in a consumer’s life. Compare semi-lean hamburger to the line of Donald Trump meats and we have a clear spectrum from physiological to self-actualization.