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October 9, 2013

Restaurant Naming and Branding | Part Two

Lousie Fili’s personal favorite was the restaurant called Ninety-second Street and named 92 by default. In talking to the owner and his vision, he wanted the logo to feel as if the restaurant had been there a very long time, there was some discussion about a classic New York neighborhood experience.

It ended up being one of the most challenging logos that Fili had ever designed because the numerals 92 were typographically difficult to work with and there was not a clear direction for the restaurant. A 1920’s tile floor from the Gristede’s supermarket, as well as old subway signage, inspired her to consider making the 92 out of tiles in a mosaic sign fashion.

The identity was applied first to square double-sided business cards, menus, outdoor awnings, and matches. A Children’s menu was designed as a placemat, on which the logo is presented in black and white outlined mosaics and given out with red, green, and yellow crayons.