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September 30, 2013

Restaurant Naming and Branding | Part One

Entrepreneurs who start restaurants are usually described as people who do it for love. One of the most volatile business ventures known, statics show that restaurants are likely to go under in their first year because of high start-up costs, slow business development, and low cash-out value.

Louise Fili specializes in restaurant identities and food packaging. The process always begins with a name, a location, and a dream. ” Restaurateurs routinely agonize over the name for months and months. I end up trying to make unpronounceable names pronounceable and dull name exciting.” and Fili. She has worked on many projects where the architect is retained before there is a chef and a menu.

Louise Fili, a food lover and collector of historical identities, is a rare professional who is able to integrate all the interest in her life into her work. From Metrazur, a French bistro at Grand Central Terminal, to Union Pacific, a panAsia restaurant, her restaurant experience is extensive.