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Packaging | Part Three: Shape

The shape of the package says something about a brand that graphics, colors, and typography cannot. At a minimum, it tells the consumer that someone spent time considering the shape of the package to make it unique and pleasing. Shape combines the sense of touch and sight to create a more lasting bond. Touch is a powerful sense, and yet it get minimal consideration when it comes to managing brands.

So, when a brand manager considers touch in package shape or texture, it earns an additional bit of attention from consumers. Think about the feel of a Coke bottle or the paper used to wrap your favorite guilty pleasure, that dark chocolate bar hiding in the back of the freezer. Consider the items in your life that you touch and what the senses of touch communicates to you. With a sense of touch, accompanied by sight, the shape of a package can identify your brand on the shelf and offer the essential point of consistency in the brand’s life.