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January 4, 2019

Nine Design Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Profits | Part Three

AW feels that the time has come to change the conversation from one of scarcity, to one of inspiration and insight. As one modest branding and design firm in a sea of companies seeking to sustain– and even prosper– in a struggling global economy, we are indeed bold enough to believe that we truly can make a difference. The present may be uncertain, but wisdom shows that the future is for those with the courage to innovate during times of uncertainty, and the generosity to freely share their insights with those who can benefit from them most. After more than three decades of designing brands that last, we (AW) have discovered a variety of innovative design strategies that are remarkably effective for converting strangers into happy, loyal customers through inspired product and packaging design.


Logic is great for mathematicians, but emotion is what sells. Because of the pressing need to inform consumers about the sustainable aspects of packaging, many sustainable packaging designs overemphasize information at the expense of compelling, emotionally engaging aesthetics. Studies in the psychology of consumer purchasing behaviors have consistently shown that the vast majority– up to 85% of consumer goods sales occur on impulse alone, with nearly two thirds of all purchasing decisions being made right at the point of sale! Consumers are highly sensitive, emotionally driven beings with an unending desire to experience joy, warmth, and excitement. Smart product marketers embrace this fact and invest in their product and packaging design to tap into these consumer attributes.