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Nine Design Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Profits | Part Four

So how, exactly, does one design emotionality into their packaging? This is where truly talented branding and design professionals earn their keep. Emotional branding thrives on simplicity, authenticity and a passion for evocative details. The human brain is an incredibly sophisticated and sensitive organ, capable of decoding the most subtle visual cues for emotional tone and resonance. Great designers are able to distill the soul essence of your brand and authentically express it through designs that resonate powerfully and immediately with the emotional core of your target customers. The mind-arresting gestalt of such creative visual designs may seem mysterious and magical, but the financial payoff for those who employ them is tangible and immediate.

For evidence, look no further than Apple. Due largely to a simple, superb visual design strategy, Apple has created a brand that has become synonymous with the feelings of inspiration, innovation and creativity in millions. Online brand zealots build virtual shrines to Apple products past and present, and devoted customers do not hesitate to stand in line for hours to pay a premium for newly released apple products! Only emotional branding (combined with quality product design) could accomplish such irrationally positive business results.

But Apple is just one example of many. From the “Think Small” VW Beetle of the 60’s to a new generation of brands, including, eBay, and Starbucks, emotionally evocative branding has transformed the commercial landscape of our country over the past five decades. The big question for us today is this: Are we– the aspiring leaders of a new sustainable economy– ready to apply this same wisdom to branding environmentally sound products that sell to the mainstream? Environmental consciousness will gain mainstream traction only when a critical number of consumers start feeling emotionally compelled towards environmentally friendly products and services, and not a minute sooner. Make emotionally evocative and appealing aesthetic choices your primary design goal, and watch your odds of becoming your customer’s next impulse buy improve exponentially over the competition.