Nine Design Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Profits | Part Fifteen

March 22, 2019

Nine Design Strategies to Inspire Sustainable Profits | Part Fifteen


As you can probably tell by now, effective product marketing and packaging design requires an ability to dive deep and come back with new levels of insight into the psyche of your target markets. It requires listening, feeling, exploring, flexibility, talent and at least a small dose of wit. The instantaneous assessment of your product upon the shelf of a given web or retail outlet is the product of highly complex perceptual processes that trace back to the very roots of human consciousness itself. But as complicated as all this may sound, it’s actually extremely achievable as long as you begin with the end in mind, choose quality design talent to work with, and start planning for your product branding and packaging design quite early in the creative process. Too often executives wait until the last minute to fully consider their packaging design. In so doing, they lose out on tremendous opportunities for creative branding and marketing innovation that can make or break sales.

But sustainability is only as good as a business’ bottom line. What good is a sustainable product or a sustainable package if no one takes the time to purchase it? How sustainable are products that no one buys simply because they don’t connect emotionally with the branding and marketing of the product? Authentic, inspired design makes it easier to know which products are worth our time, and likewise, which products and services are worth our money. Give your sustainable products a chance to win the epic battle for the impulse purse strings by strategically branding them with the raw elements of human inspiration. Don’t underestimate the power of human psychology– use it to your advantage. And, most importantly of all, don’t wait. A well conceived branding and packaging platform starts early in the creative process, and can make the difference between a great product idea that flops, and a head-turning product that wins your company a sustainable word-of-mouth advantage.

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