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Brand Development | Nickelodeon and the Orange Book

Nickelodeon, a global children’s entertainment brand owned by Viacom, had grown organically and exponentially over a fifteen-year period. Numerous new brand extensions seen on television, online, and in feature films, products and publishing made the brand progressively more disjointed. After extensive interviewing from the company president to a mail clerk, as well as brand analysis, and audits, Adams Morioka, a brand identity firm, presented a master plan for the brand in which the future internal structure would be organized by media. The presentation evolved into the Nickeldeon Orange Book, which was made available to everyone int he network. The book outlines core beliefs and values, the internal organization, and the relationship of brand extensions. It includes a flexible and simplified tookit to keep the focus on clear, simple messages and to inspire creativity. “We want to make the brand more accessible and less mysterious to anyone and everyone involved in Nickelodeon,” said Sean Adams, principal, Adams Morioka.