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April 2, 2018

Making Storytelling Work For Your Brand | Part One

Storytelling by itself is not a new concept. However as a brand strategy, it’s an effective way to engage with consumers and build bonds with them, and it’s something that more and more brands are starting to recognise and take advantage of.

Having something to say in the first place is, of course, the first piece of the puzzle. But what is being said needs to have some relevance to the product, the consumer and the overarching brand message, in order to have any level of resonance or authenticity. From authenticity comes trust and trust, as we know from the laws of attraction, leads to long-term relationships.

In the marketing world where people are constantly being bombarded by false messages and overused promises, authenticity and transparency are the key elements for a brand to transform from a below average brand to a great brand.

Brand storytelling though, isn’t as simple as just having something to say, or just having a story. As with any effective communication strategy, to be truly successful, a brand has to have a thorough understanding of its audience, and as well as this, the narrative needs to be delivered in the most appropriate way for them – and for today’s brands, there are many choices of channels to use.

The media that consumers are using to engage with brands is changing all the time. Our use of technology brings with it another, different level of emotional engagement. This can be leveraged to deliver a story in a way that aligns and resonates with the way that consumers are experiencing the world around them.