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Making Storytelling Work for Your Brand | Part Two

The use of technology, especially social media, enables consumers to actively interact with brands like never before. Consumers are now, more than ever, expecting to connect to brands in this way, and what’s more, are willingly becoming part of the storytelling process.

Social media is very much about the here and now. But how does storytelling benefit a brand in the future? The designer, Vivienne Westwood has talked about the identity, longevity and life her products are given when stories are ingrained into them:

“One of the reasons some things I designed 30 years ago are still seen as edgy is because they tell stories”.

Westwood believes that stories are inherent in everything but that it is the consumer that edits that story when they engage with the product and makes it theirs in their own unique way.

“Everything has to tell a story. Somehow the clothes have this story integral to them. And for everybody that tries the clothes on it becomes a different story. But because it’s had the story to begin with, it adds character to the person.”

We hope your own brand story has a happy ending!