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November 23, 2016

How To Talk To “Your Brand” In A Way That Everyone Gets It? | Part Four

A Definition Of A Brand That Fits Both Perspectives

My definition of a brand fits and supports both the customer and managerial perspectives of a brand:

A brand is a set of associations in memory linked to a company, product, or service through its name, logo and other elements that provides a compelling promise of value to customers and other stakeholders.

These Associations Represent:

The thoughts and feeling in customers’ minds, and
The thoughts and feelings that a company’s employees aspire to create in the minds of customers.

How Then Do We Talk About Brand Names, Logos, And…

Names, logos and other branding elements–the way we identify brands–act as anchors in our minds for a set of associations linked to a company, or its products or services.

They are absolutely crucial to the success of your brand in the marketplace, but they are not your brand. Getting clear about the two perspectives of a brand has been invaluable to me in helping many of my clients. I hope that you will find it helpful as well.