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February 1, 2016

How to build an own-able and motivating Brand Positioning Statement | Part One

Brands need to stand out to win

Marketers face limited resources that they apply to an unlimited choices. The role of the Brand Positioning Statement is to take everything you know about your brand and begin making focused decisions on who you will serve, what you will say that is unique, own-able and motivating to get consumers to think, feel and act differently to create a bond that is stronger than what the product alone could do. A good positioning statement should balance the rational and emotional benefits for the consumer. Your positioning has to reflect your internal brand soul and help shape your external brand reputation.

As we dig in on doing our homework on the brand, here are the 4 questions that a winning Brand Positioning Statement must address:

Who is in the consumer target?
Who is the most motivated to buy what you do?
Where do you play?
Definition of the market that you compete in
What are we are selling?
What is your main benefit (rational/emotional)?
Why should they believe us?
What support points to back up the main benefit?

The space to play. The space to win.

Where to Play: Starting with the consumer, the first step is to uncover the various consumer needs and wants, then begin matching them up with what your brand does best. By being consumer focused, you can stay on top of consumer trends and listen for the changes to any underlying needs and wants. You can also do this with regular marketing research that would include Usage and Attitude type studies, tracking data, focus groups or observing other categories to see what the consumer wants. This match up of the consumer wants and your brand benefits sets up the ideal space for your brand to play in.