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September 18, 2013

How Important Is It to have Brand Personality? | Part One

The frenetic world we live in forces us to organize what we see or risk information overload. Far too many sights, sounds, images, and ideas bombard us daily for us to take them all in. jack Trout and Al Ries cited that observation more than twenty years ago as the reason why consumers are forced to organize brands in their minds. Today, it’s an even more formidable problem for individuals to arrange commercial clutter and brand proliferation into some understandable order. Brand personalities help them do that efficiently.

Without personalities, the important people in our lives might be no different than the bus driver we never meet but on whose bus we ride every morning. They would have a role, but not be approachable and, therefore, essentially would be unknowable. As long as brands are without a personality in our eyes, it’s more difficult for them to establish a relationship with us.