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June 15, 2017

How Emerging Brands Build Magnetic Brand Stories | Part One

Influence By Design, Thoughts and Ideas on Brand Innovation

For emerging next generation brands, there’s never been more opportunity to leverage the magnetic power of their brand story–if only they knew how.

It seems everyone in the marketing business has locked on to the notion that brand storytelling is the new fangled thing. Of course storytelling is nothing new. What’s new is the dynamic and interconnected relationship between paid, owned and earned media. Brand stories form the very epicenter of these inter-connected media channels.

For emerging brands with modest marketing budgets, to effectively leverage the power of their brand story requires a new approach far beyond conventional taglines and advertising executions. As we all know, this is even more complex when faced with the fact we live in the speed-of-light-digital-age with exploding technologies, media channels shrinking attention spans, and ever more consumer control over what they allow into their heads.

Your brand story is all the marketing you will ever need.

The power of a brand’s story lies in a singular idea anchored in shared values between brand and audience. This singularity is transcendent and unchanging over the entire life of the brand.

Your brand story will outlive any advertising or promotional campaign. At its most fundamental level, the brand story is nothing more than the authentic truth making the brand highly valued by the audience and distinguished from all alternatives in the category.

However in practice, brands over time will tell many sub-stories nuanced for various audiences as the business grows. To remain relevant and credible, brand owners must be guided by a strategic story platform that brings audiences ever closer to the brand’s core truth and proposition.

This requires discipline–which for many emerging brand owners is a difficult habit to form. It’s far easier to promote, persuade and convince.

The trouble is those days of persuasion and selling are long gone. Emerging brand owners must begin with the reality no one cares and no one is listening. And nothing is more frustrating for business leaders than to realize their limited financial investment in marketing is the sound of one hand clapping.