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May 17, 2016

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Focus is the Most Important Element in Strategy

To us, focus is the most important element in strategy and the one most marketers struggle with. They always try to do too much. When you focus, five great things happen to your brand

Better return on investment (ROI). By it’s very nature, return means you get back more than what you put in and this is where you find the pressure points to gain that big payback.
Better return on effort (ROE). Rarely do marketers look at ROE, but “Talent” is one of your biggest resource constraints as it’s easier to add money than it is to add well-trained staff that can execute.
Stronger reputation. The tighter your focus around being one thing, the stronger chance you have in owning the reputation for that one thing. Trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for being nothing to anyone.
More competitive. The best brands are either better, different, cheaper or not around for very long. Focusing on your uniqueness will allow you to defend against and attack your competitors.
Bigger and better P&L. The odd thing is that brand leaders try to spread their resources so thinly, fearing they won’t be able to do everything. Everything is just ok, and there is never enough money on any tactic to maximize the full potential. And then you’ll never get any more money. However, with focus giving you the ROE and ROI, you’ll be able to ask for more money that gives you the chance to do the things you couldn’t get to.