Austin West is about people, energy and action. AW is about producing dynamic integrated strategy, all aspects of comprehensive creative ideation, brand communication, messaging, voice, visual design, brand development, brand identity, and brand touchpoints for marketing plans, programs, promotions, services, events and campaigns, innovation and design excellence. AW’s incorporates a holistic and cohesive integrated approach as the foundation used for a wide range of brand and marketing vehicles, digital online and offline media and market channels, that will motivate, engage and continue to inspire consumers, build brand awareness, brand loyalty and propel your business forward.

AW provides strategic, branding, marketing and creative services for businesses of all sizes—small start-up companies to the Fortune 500-1000. AW loves working with small companies or emerging companies that are looking to become big. We will help you develop a strategy that will serve as a solid foundation to define the future of your brand and make your brand distinctive against the competition.

AW likes to think of ourselves as an extension of your brand design team working with you on individual projects or larger brand, creative and marketing initiatives.

SERVICES Austin West Provides

• Creative Ideation | Concept Development
• Communication & Messaging
• Creative & Visual Design Direction
• Visual & Digital Experience Design
• Copywriting & Editing
• Photo Art Direction | Photo Editing
• Digital Design Artwork, Processes & Methodologies

• Brand Strategy | Brand Positioning
• Brand Vision | Brand Essence
• Brand Values | Brand Promise
• Brand Personality | Brand Voice
• Brand Storytelling | Messaging
• Brand Loyalty Programs & Analysis
• Brand Naming | Nomenclature
• Brandmarks and Logos | Corporate Identity
• Brand Identity | Brand Identity Systems
• Brand Architecture | Product Line Extensions
• Brand Launches | Brand Integration
• Brand Design Standards | Style Guides
• Brand Best Practices | Asset Management
• Brand Audits

• Marketing Plans & Programs
• Market Trends & Insights
• Marketing Promotions | Multi-Channel
• Marketing Initiatives
• Digital Marketing Media | Online & Offline
• PR & Social Media | SEO & SEM
• Marketing Media & Advertising Management
• Advertising Campaigns | Multi-Channel
• Project & Account Management
• Consumer Insights | Competitive Retail Evaluation
• Thought Leadership
• Team Leadership | Team Building
• Partnership & Relationship Development

• Package Design | Package Technology | Consumer Product Goods
• Private Labels | Consumer Product Goods
• Federal Packaging & Label Regulations & Requirements
• Environmental Showrooms | Signage Systems
• Vehicle | Signage Systems
• Retail Display Design | Merchandising Systems
• POP – Point of Purchase Design | POS – Point of Sale Design

• Interactive Design | Web Design-eCommerce
• Client Presentation Design
• Brochures | Print Collateral
• Catalog Design & Layout
• Wine & Beverage Labels
• Wine & Beverage Product Packaging
• Color Palettes | Color Theory
• Typography | Typography Audits & Selection

Brand Strategy and Brand Development

At Austin West we believe that Branding is not simply a logo or a package design but the expression of the brand’s values – the things the company believes in and the things the brands stands for, it’s fundamental purpose. These values guide all decisions and strategies, especially the Brand’s Purpose, Brand Development, Brand Identity, Storytelling, Visual and Digital Experience Design, Communication, and culminate in the Brand’s personality (Essence), look and “feel” (Image).

Austin West creates brand marketing and brand design vehicles that engage your audience, at every touchpoint, for the growth and success of your business. We can customize and scale our services to meet your needs.

Every type of marketing media has a unique way of connecting with your audience. We understand the nature of those connections and the requirements of each. Every branding touchpoint or marketing product that Austin West creates becomes an integrated part of your total brand strategy program across all media and market channels.

Creative Ideology and Brand Design

Create a new brand identity, or transform one that is timeworn. Whatever the need, we offer a range of brand identity packages from a new company or product name, to a brandmark or logo, to a complete brand identity system, to a single package design, to brand architecture for a full product line extension, and much more.

Effective brand design carries your message and sparks an emotional response to your brand utilizing the five senses. This is best accomplished when innovative research, strategy, creative ideology and visual design balances originality and aesthetics with relevance and function.

Austin West follows a disciplined creative process that is collaborative and driven by your marketing objectives and business goals. We will engage you at every step. Austin West’s team of skilled creative and technical talent have solved challenges in a variety of industries and we can bring this expertise to yours as well.