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August 14, 2013

Developing Brand Identity Systems | Avoiding 8 Common Mistakes | Part Two

2. Link the Brand to a Compelling Functional Benefit Whenever Possible

The product-attribute fixation trap is very real, and it is useful (even critical) to broaden the brand to include personality, organizational associations, symbols, and emotional and self-expressive benefits.

Every brand should seek to own a functional benefit(s) that are relevant to the customer, as BMW does for driving performance, Volvo does for safety, and the Gap does for fashionable, casual clothing. Owning a superior position on a key attribute can be powerful.

A functional benefit advantage over the competition can be enhanced or even created by the artful management of other associations that reinforce it. In fact, the goal should be to create a personality and provide emotional and self-expressive benefits that are drawn from and support the ownership of an attribute and functional benefit.