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April 25, 2014

Color | Part Four

Color Systems | Questions to Ask

Will the color system be flexible enough to allow for a range of dynamic applications?

Does the color system support a consistent experience of the brand?

Does the color system support the brand architecture?

Is the color system differentiated from that of the competition?

Have you examined the benefits and disadvantages of:

using color to differentiate products?

using color to differentiate business lines?

using color to navigate business lines?

using color to categorize information?

Do you need a bold palette or a pastel palette?

Can you reproduce these colors?

Have you created identity standards that make it easy to use the color system?

Color Trivia

Kodak was the first company to trademark a signature color.

Bianchi created a special color green for the bicycles.

When British Petroleum and Amoco merged to form BP, British Petroleum’s distinctive green and yellow colors were kept.