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Case Studies | Federal Express | Part One

It’s almost impossible to imagine life without FedEx—the revolutionary idea that raised our expectations and changed the way we conduct business. In 1973, fledgling Federal Express Corporation (“FedEx”) effectively launched the air express industry by delivering 186 packages overnight to 25 U.S. cities. Today, through the FedEx family of companies over five million packages are delivered each business day to over 200 countries. along the way, FedEx Express has maintained an operating standard characterized by continuous innovation in technology from implementing the first PC-based automated shipping system to online package processing and tracking.

By the early ’90s, the words “FedEx” had entered the vernacular and, unlike the former name, could be said easily by custmers who didn’t speak English. Landor Associates helped FedEx position itself as the world standard for fast and reliable service with its brand line “The World on Time” and launched “FedEx” as the primary verbal and visual identifier. A new bold brand identity was applied to uniforms, packaging, and fleets of planes and vehicles.