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May 8, 2015

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Brands Don’t Just Happen. They’re Built. | Part Two

Sounds great. But how do you use them? Follow the numbers.

Well, to start, we decided this was a market we could win in. #1 done.

To do that we had have a name that would stick. Names for the products as well as a name for the “giving back” initiative. In short, that led to something quite organic: DUNN GOOD.

The name was a home run all the way. That clearly established what we stood for along with the 20% return to the community and the excellent quality products. #2 done.

We approached the brand in a way that was different from the norm, embracing some historical design themes and color choices balancing intricacy with a sense of simplicity. #3 done.

Then we approached the brand using a different style, aesthetic and feel than we’d seen. #4 done.

Once we started, we didn’t stop and enter into second-guessing ourselves. We had decided and believed in our conviction. #5 done.

We routinely collected information and additional insights as we did the development work for the brand. #6 done.

We kept a tightly formed group not entering into committee meetings and analysis-paralysis. Using the information collected in #6 above, we stuck with that information and were fluid enough to add and tweak as we went. #7 done.