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May 1, 2015

Brands Don’t Just Happen. They’re Built. | Part One

So when we started, I sat down with my team to discuss our parameters.

They’re actually simple parameters.

They’re just not widely used. They’re talked about, just not used.

They total 7 basic parameters as shown here:

Decide you can win. (Without this, you won’t have the conviction necessary when things don’t go as planned.)
Stand for something. Something you believe in and are passionate about.
Be different in the way you present it, with the materials you choose, the style you incorporate, the message you send.
Use design to further separate your brand from the pack. (Cliché approaches in design and message are a sure way to lose.)
Stay the course. (Don’t waver and react to every little zig and zag. Like a world-class athlete, you recognize any barrier or obstacle, but don’t stop because of it. You plow on through to the finish line.)
Collect good intel. (Data leads to insight. Insight leads to action.)
Avoid committees. (Committees are a model based on debating, not innovating your way to the top.)