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February 15, 2017

BRANDING | The Way Forward: Thinking Outside The Box | Part Three

When facing these new challenges, brands must avoid textbook solutions, and instead think outside the box. Below are four new ways to think about brand building.

As a result of internationalization, many companies see their brands facing unknown challenges in diverse foreign markets. National brands that led the field in their domestic markets must confront unfamiliar socio-cultural conditions and communication channels in foreign countries. A national brand in a foreign country is not automatically one that’s international. And an international brand is not automatically the same in every country. The spectrum of issues requiring strategic steering decisions is broad, from different languages and tastes, to local customs and cultural aspects.

Brand builders with a long-term strategic vision respond to these challenges with an international brand management structure—a set of clearly defined responsibilities, ranging from global development and decision making to communication and regional implementation, including any adaptations that may be required in respective national operations. All this is established on the basis of a clear (brand) vision and brand personality, with the help of ongoing coordination among all companies and agencies involved. And it’s all done by a competent, preferably intercultural team, and from a strategically chosen location.