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Branding Guides

More and more companies are creating tools that can be easily disseminated to each employee, either to announce the compelling reasons for a new identity and to build awareness of the company brand, and its importance to the future and success of the company.

Crosby Associates designed an elegant ten-panel brochure for Jenner & Block that begins with the firm’s mission and its values and displays how the brand is expressed through a variety of marketing communication channels. The format is streamlined, the execution is at the highest level, and it demonstrates rather than declares the value that the company places on its brand.

WGBH disseminated to all its employees a passport-sized brochure titled WGBH Branding Guidelines. The brochure’s goal is to “take advantage of the wide recognition and powerful positive associations people have with the WGBH brandmark in all of our activities and links with the outside world.” This user-friendly guide helps employees more effectively manage WGBH brand assets and also defines branding and other brand terms. It’s a cost-effective tool that underscores the fact that everyone plays a role in building the brand.