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January 24, 2016

BRANDING | Alcohol Beverage Packaging | Part Three

3 Things Exceptional Packaging Can Do for Your Brand

2. Reinforce Quality

Consumer’s perception of a wine is profoundly influenced by its package design, bottle shape and even the texture of the label or package.

Any experienced chef will tell you, the presentation of food on the plate, the melody of colors and different textures of the food all have a significant impact on how we appreciate our dining experience.

Similarly, research plays out that consumers’ perception of the taste of a product is influenced by its packaging. Consumers have been shown to dislike the taste of a wine if it comes from a design they do not like, and the exact same consumers love the same wine when it comes from a design that they do like.

According to the Academy of Wine Business Research, packaging that appeals to your target consumer also enhances their experience of the product during consumption, leading to increased enjoyment of the product. Wine and Taste: Wine labels have even been shown to affect how we taste food!