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January 22, 2016

BRANDING | Alcohol Beverage Packaging | Part Two

Consumers have become wary of overly simplistic marketing. Today, brands must consider how their brand fits within their consumer’s lifestyle and be relevant to not only their aesthetic, but also to how, why and where they will consume your product.

Packaging has the ability to communicate higher quality through design. In research testing, I have seen consumers report that a product packaged with the appropriate luxury cues actually tasted better than the same product packaged differently. For this reason it is crucial to consider what your packaging is saying about the quality of your product.

Designing your package to appear $10 more expensive than its SRP supports a more premium positioning and provides a value proposition.

Simply designing your package to look more premium is still not enough. Consider your target consumer’s lifestyle and how your brand will fit within their everyday lives.

How do they live?
What activities do they partake in?
What are their interests and aspirations?

Start by exploring other products they purchase. Are there themes that run through their choices? —colors, styles, or positioning that attracts them? Leveraging these in your brand story and in your packaging can provide relevance.