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January 15, 2016

BRANDING | Alcohol Beverage Packaging | Part One

Packaging is a crucial driver of initial trial, repurchase rate, and the overall enjoyment of your product.

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the extrinsic factors versus intrinsic ones when consumers choose a bottle of wine. One common theme appears: if consumers like the packaging it will create taste expectations that they actually experience once they open the bottle. The key is to set expectations appropriately, create a brand that your consumers can relate to and avoid disappointment!

The three things exceptional packaging can do for your brand.

1. Invite Trial

With the thousands of choices at the fingertips of consumers, choosing a product is daunting. Exceptional packaging can be key to cutting through the noise and standing out.

Key questions every brand owner should ask themselves:

Does my packaging stand out next to my competitors and how can I differentiate my brand from the competition?

What does my packaging say about the quality of my product?

Does my packaging tell my brand story and express my brand’s personality?

Is my brand promise and packaging relevant in relation to my target consumer’s

lifestyle? Will they believe?

Packaging that appeals to your target consumer by relating to their needs, aspirations and desired tastes will go a long way to setting you apart from the competition. No longer is simply being the loudest on shelf enough.