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May 29, 2017

BRANDING | 7 Indicators of Brand-Building Inadequacy

Is your brand-building effort effective? Is the budget spend effective?

At Austin West, we identified indicators that brand-building was misdirected, mismanaged, or underfunded–problems that are increasingly relevant today. With a few edits, here is the list.

1. Managers cannot identify with confidence the existing brand image, its strength, and how it differs across segments and over time.

2. Knowledge of levels of brand awareness is lacking or imprecise, and the visibility of the brand among segments is just guesswork.

3. There is no in-depth understanding of the basis for customer loyalty or of how it is lost or reduced. A systematic, reliable, sensitive, and valid set of measures of customer satisfaction and loyalty by segment is not available.

4. The measures of brand performance and brand-building programs are quarterly and yearly, often based on sales. There are no indicators of the brand tied to long-term business success that are used to evaluate marketing programs. Aspirational brand associations, in particular, are not part of the decision criteria in selecting and managing brand-building programs.

5. The reward structure and tenure of brand managers do not motivate them to manage strategically.

6. There is no long-term strategy for the brand, no vision as to what brand association is desired and what product classes in which the brand should be competing.

7. There is no person or team in charge of the brand. Instead, silo organizational units have independent control of the brand with their product-markets.

Any combination of these is a recipe for strategic problems and lost opportunities.