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BRANDING | 10 Ways Marketers Hijack Branding…and How It’s Killing Companies | Part Three


In fact, there’s a name for copying original designs, names, phrases and other assets in the USA. Attorneys affectionately refer to that as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY or TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT. Suing people makes them smile. It’s what they do.

Despite the SERIOUS BUSINESS and LEGAL CONSEQUENCES, you’ll find plenty of risky logo designs everywhere. Perhaps hundreds or thousands of CHEAP DESIGNERS and ONLINE LOGO FACTORIES eager to please. To quote a prominent colleague, “Any dolt with a computer thinks he/she can design.” If you’re wise, you’ll stay far, far away from those types. Your logos, designs, names and phrases are SERIOUS INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and BUSINESS ASSETS. Don’t find yourself on the wrong end of a cease and desist letter.

Here’s a lovely and recent example of 7-Eleven suing 7-Seven for trademark infringement. Lawsuits abound for far less blatant examples.

And just for fun, Floating Banana convincingly shows how may have copied several trademarked logos––in addition to the cheesy, cliché, unmemorable, unremarkable, unintelligible and illegible ones that can devalue companies.

The MORAL is to BE AUTHENTIC, MEMORABLE and ORIGINAL. True to yourself and YOUR UNIQUE IDENTITY. Discover it. LIVE BY IT. Create quality in everything your brand touches. DARE TO STAND OUT. Otherwise, you stand to come across as a fake. A BORING CLICHE´. A CHEAP KNOCK-OFF. Suspiciously or blatantly masquerading as the real thing.

You’ll need professional branding help getting there, because it’s NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO BE OBJECTIVE with your OWN IDENTITY. Many companies have tried, and failed, to successfully rebrand in-house. TRUE BRAND PROFESSIONALS understand how to BRING OUT the EXCITMENTof WHO YOU ARE. They’ll help you navigate the twisty curvy path toward CREATING REMARKABLE (and trademarkable) BRANDS that PEOPLE DESIRE.