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March 29, 2018

BRANDING | 10 Ways Marketers Hijack Branding…and How It’s Killing Companies | Part Ten


Don’t just be a storyteller. Be a Storydoer. Actively Perform Your Story Throughout the Organization. That’s how you CREATE A COHESIVE SHARED BELIEF with your customers from which they will REWARD YOU in UNBREAKABLE LOYALTY.

1. According to a 2017 study by Co-Collective, story-doers achieved 2,000% more social mentions. Twenty times more people cared about what those companies said when they lived the story.
Understand the difference between proven brand professionals and the menace of brand hijackers.
Because the Cost is Critical and Material:
1. CONFUSING or Disparate Branded Initiatives, Often with Zero or Negative Business Results.
2. DISCONNECT from Brands Lost in the Translation Throughout Years of Disparate Marketers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Printers, Web Designers, Sign Makers, and More.
3. INVESTMENT of Resources (lots and lots of time, money and people) in the Wrong Things.
4. SUPPORTING Management of Confusing or Cannibalizing Brand Architecture or Naming.
5. LOSS of Customers, Sales, Brand Equity.

BRAND EQUITY: It’s an intangible but very real company asset that financial analysts use to determine your company’s value on the balance sheet. The reason your brand can generate more money from customers over your competitors. Sometimes the only reason a company is able to sustain business. In the case of a Coca-Cola, Brand Equity is 50% of the company’s net worth.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of emerging businesses worldwide FAIL within the first few years. Not because they didn’t have good ideas, the right product, or sufficient capital. But BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T DEVELOP OR EXCUTE the RIGHT BRAND STRATEGY. Building an ecosystem where people understand and CARE WHY YOU EXIST.

KEY: BRANDING is not simply a name, a logo, or a tagline. It’s the reason for being. It’s what turns mere commodies into valuable BRANDS that people will pay a premium for.

Brand identity, strategy, architecture, design systems and planning are crucial business tools and assets for CEOs from the very start—in order to grow recognition, make clear meaningful connections to customers, expand into new markets, and to cost effectively manage the enterprise.
WISE BRAND STRATEGY AND EXECUTION CAN DELIVER 1,000% ROI OR EVEN MORE. Yes, that number is real, and not a typo. So wake up investors and CEOs. If you want amazing ROI, then invest in brand with Proven Brand Professionals.