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BRANDING | 10 Ways Marketers Hijack Branding…and How It’s Killing Companies | Part Four


But you’ll still find DROVES OF MARKETERS who literally DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a BRAND POSITION and, “Hey look at the FUNNY MONKEY.” Company marketing departments and their agencies often don’t infuse and inform marketing with any core brand story, essence or promise. While each NEW SHOCK and awe CAMPAIGN may see SHORT-LIVED upward BLIPS in SALES, the brand goes dark in the spaces between. BRAND EXPERIENCE IS LOST, and the OVERALL PROMISE FEELS FAKE or unconvincing.

Remember the Quiznos ad campaign featuring horribly disfigured rodents called spongmonkeys? Probably you’re trying to forget in order to regain your appetite. That off-brand marketing campaign managed the steepest decline of any major fast-food chain in history, thousands of franchisees sued, and Quiznos just barely avoided bankruptcy.

You may remember Quiznos. You may have chuckled. But likely you didn’t buy their sandwiches.

BRAND + IDENTITY is about DEFINING a TRUTHFUL and AUTHENTIC PLATFORM about WHO YOU ARE COLLECTIVELY as a COMPANY, and THE LEADERSHIP DRIVING YOUR VISION. Beyond making money, beyond the next logo, slogan, tagline, or marketing tactic. LIVING YOUR BRAND PROMISE includes INFORMING MARKETING with BRAND MEANING. And aligning marketing with brand promise is greatly more exciting, not to mention PROVEN TO BE BOTTOM LINE EFFECTIVE.

After the 1990s APPLE “THINK DIFFERENT” campaign launched, Steve Jobs said, “It only took 15 . . . 30 . . . maybe 60 seconds to RE-ESTABLISH Apple’s COUNTER-CULTURE image that it had lost during the 90s”. The MESSAGE was IN ALIGNMENT with Apple’s CORE CREATIVE RENEGADE BRAND VALUES, and TRANSFORMED extreme CRISIS into one of the BIGGEST company SUCCESS STORIES in HISTORY.