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March 13, 2017

BRANDING | 10 Most Common Naming Mistakes | Part Two

2. Forgetting That Naming Is As Strategic As It Is Creative.

Companies often don’t spend enough time defining—and agreeing on—the strategic role of a name. But a great name is rarely that simple because it is different or creative. A great name is one that clearly communicates the positioning and personality of the brand.

In today’s highly competitive environment, the strongest brands are ones that transcend the physical attributes of a product, service, or company to form emotional connections with customers. Names can help do this.

Set out clear strategic objectives, and you’ll find it also gives you clear criteria by which to measure and choose a name. Take into account what the name needs to do today, as well as how it can continue to meet business objectives in the future.

Remember, naming is as much an art as it is a science. Your brand strategy will help you create a name that is relevant and that has stretch and flexibility as your business, and the market, evolves.

3. Underestimating The Importance Of A Good Creative Brief.

Even after clear strategic criteria have been established for a name, many companies underestimate the value of a focused, detailed creative brief. For the creative team, however—whether an internal team or an external agency—it’s an invaluable tool.

While a creative brief will contain much of the same information as the brand strategy, a good naming brief gets specific, highlighting what elements of the strategy (or attributes) should be communicated in the name and setting clear parameters for the approach and construct.

As you pull together a brief, you’ll find that the process forces you to answer very specific questions for your audience—the creative’s who’ll use it. It crystallizes the white space in the competitive landscape, personality, tonality, word types, constructs, and areas to avoid.

Your brief will focus your creative, and it becomes the lens for assessing and choosing names that are on-brand and are a comfortable, natural fit for your organization.