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BRANDING | 10 Most Common Naming Mistakes | Part Six

10. Ending The Verbal Identity Process At A Name.

Given all that we’ve covered on the importance of naming, we know that a brand is so much more than just its name. While names are vital, valuable assets, they are only one part of your brand’s identity, particularly its verbal identity, or how we use the power of words and sounds in our brand expression every day.

Language is one of the most powerful tools we have to connect, not only with our customers at every touchpoint, but also very importantly with our employees and partners. And yet language—and how we empower each of our brand’s authors to use it—often lacks codification and activation.

The language of your brand starts at the strategy: your brand story, brand idea, and brand personality. Carefully chosen words set the inspiration and tone for your brand and impact how and what we communicate, how we speak, how we look—and even how we behave.

Create a distinct language for your brand by focusing on voice and messaging, and make sure you train all your brand’s authors to use it. It impacts advertising campaigns as much as job postings, and packaging as much as digital—and everything in between.