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March 5, 2015

Brand Promise – How to Make It and Keep It

Brand Promise – How to Make It and Keep It
A brand is a promise. At its core, your brand promise should define your entire business and should touch every aspect of your company.

The Brand Promise
Every brand promises something to consumers. Think of your favorite brand. What does it promise to you?

The best brands deliver on that brand promise in every customer interaction. The brand promise is so solid that consumers develop expectations for the brand. They trust that the brand will deliver on those expectations and its promise in every interaction.

Breaking the Brand Promise
When the brand fails to keep the brand promise, consumers become confused and dissatisfied. It’s a normal human reaction.

Keeping the Brand Promise
When consumers trust that a brand will meet their expectations, not only are they more likely to become repeat purchasers, but they’re also more likely to talk about the brand. They become brand loyalists and vocal brand advocates that provide the brand with a form of word-of-mouth marketing that money can’t buy, particularly as that brand buzz travels across the social web via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. In other words, keeping your brand promise leads to brand loyalty, repeat purchases from your brand loyalists, increased brand awareness among a wider audience, and new customers.