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February 16, 2014

Brand Positioning/Personality Core

Brand teams may only have the time and energy to concentrate on the two most critical variables that dictate a brand’s identity: 1) How a brand is “Positioned” within the minds of customers and prospects; and 2) What kind of living “Personality” the brand projects into the marketplace.

Brand positioning and personality are hardly new concepts, but they are often misunderstood. They remian the most critical components of the brand identity because they dictate how users and prospective users judge the attractiveness and the necessity of a brand. People buy brands mostly because of the way they can fit those brands into their own lives, and because they like the personalities projected by them.

Brand positioning is the strategic genesis of the marketing mix. Freudians might call the positioning the “Ego” of brand and, like the human ego, it’s not created by the individual brand itself, but by how others perceive it.

The brand strategic personality, is the set of external qualities of each brand, its public face, which is a direct extension of its positioning. ( The strategic personality is referred to as a reminder that it flows from the strategic center of the brand). The strategic personality is the brand brought to life, its way of relating to current and future customers on their own plane, providing the attractiveness and emotional linkage that cements relationships with them.