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Brand Portfolio Strategy | Branded Programs

Some branded programs can provide a differentiated basis for a more satisfying and even intense relationship with their loyal customer base. Harley-Davidson, for example, is more than a brand–it is an experience, and a community supported by several branded programs. The Harley-Davidson Ride Planner allows a person to create a ride plan given starting and ending points plus desired stops. The output is a detailed map that the person can save and share with friends.

Consider Pampers, a packaged consumer good that struggles to create and maintain points of differentiation. The Pampers website has several branded programs that serve to differentiate its offering.The Pampers Vantastic Sweepstakes gives customers a chance to win a Chrysler minivan filled with Diapers. The Pampers Parenting Institute provides authoritative advice from world experts in child care, health and development. In part to the institute, Pampers in 2011 was measured as the second most popular baby care site with around three million unique visitors per month, many time that of Huggies.

The bottom line is that those visiting the Pampers site and accessing these branded programs are 30 percent more likely to purchase a Pampers.