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January 2, 2015

Brand Identity

Since the beginning of time, the need to communicate emerges from a set of universal questions: Who am I? Who needs to know? Why do they need to know? How will they find out? How do I want them to respond? Individuals, communities, and organizations express their individuality through their brand identity. On the continuum from the cave paintings at Lascaux to digital messages transmitted via satellite, humanity continues to create an infinite sensory palette of visual and verbal expressions.

Mankind has always used symbols to express fierce individuality, pride, loyalty, and ownership. The power of symbols remains elusive and mysterious–a simple form can instantaneously trigger recall and arouse emotion, whether it is emblazoned on a flag, etched in stone, or embedded in an e-mail. The velocity of life in the future will demand that brands, more than ever, leverage the power of symbols.