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September 11, 2013

Brand Essence vs TagLine | Part Two

The IBM brand essence, (“Magic you can trust”) captures the aspirational aspect of their products and service, combined with the trust generated by the company’s heritage, size, and competence. Because of its varied markets, however, IMB uses several taglines: “Solutions for a small planet” is relevant for a customer seeking solutions and inspiring to those with a global vision, while “E-Business” positions IMB as the dominate choice for those seeking help with e-commerce. Sony’s brand essence (“Digital dream kids”) captures the core identity of Sony well but is not being used as a tagline, while “My Sony” is far removed from the essence but works as a tagline for a specific part of the Sony business.

Hellmann’s (Best Foods) Mayonnaise uses the essence statement “Simple goodness with a dash of indulgence,” which is richer that the tagline “Bring out the Best.”

Amoung the host of taglines that would not be appropriate for a brand essence statement are the following:
Do You Yahoo?
Moving at the speed of Business (UPS)
Did somebody say McDonald’s?
Like a rock (Chevy Trucks)
On the road of life there are passengers and drivers: Drivers wanted (Volkswagen)