BRAND ENGAGEMENT | Beyond Internal Branding | Part Four

BRAND ENGAGEMENT | Beyond Internal Branding | Part Four


Brands have the power to change the world. This means they can also change the (smaller) world of each individual. Working for a brand can make those who work for a company proud, thereby enhancing personal satisfaction and improving social interaction. Employees intuitively become “brand ambassadors” without ever having to learn a set of guidelines.

However, from the employees’ point of view, this requires more than merely being familiar with the brand and memorizing a few rules. It necessitates comparing their own values and attitudes with those of the brand they represent. It means valuing the “meaning” the brand gives to people’s lives and identifying personally with the brand.

In order to become an authentic advocate for the brand, employees must be ready and willing to help shape and develop the brand identity every day as they go about their tasks. This level of involvement transcends internal branding and becomes “brand engagement”—a true connection with the brand, a relationship based on the principle of give and take. While it’s true the brand demands something of employees, they also get much in return.

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