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Brand Architecture

Customers know you through your brands

Brand architecture is the way you present your brands to the world in relation to each other. Do your brands create harmony or confusion for customers? For brand management? How well do your brands mix? How can you extend tomorrow’s brands without diluting or devaluing them?

Sound architecture builds enduring business

Sound architecture optimizes today and plans for tomorrow:

Defines a clear structure to launch strong brands into other markets, promote new brands, assimilate acquired brands, integrate strategy across markets
Creates strategic distance between competing, cannibalizing, or off-market brands
Makes brand relationships easier to understand, easier for customers to buy
Makes brand relationships easier and more cost-effective for your company to manage
Creates brand value protection
Defines the optimal role for each brand in your portfolio, and the rationale for all brand-related decisions

Brand relationships can be confusing

For customers, partners or employees. Especially as companies grow. Confusing brand relationships are expensive, causing difficulty in organizing or differentiating brands, developing marketing campaigns, even maintaining business operations.

New product developments, market challenges, ingredient brands, partner brands, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures all can require an evaluation of your brand portfolio. When faced with these challenges, we can help you structure the brands you manage, determine optimum interaction, plus deliver all the right resources needed to implement the right architecture, from nomenclature, to naming , to visual identity design and brand alignment.

Hilton, DuPont, MetLife…

. . . Shipley Energy, University of Pennsylvania Health System, and ExxonMobile—a few of the brand portfolios where the results are brand families that customers instantly understand and that organizations rely on to optimize costs, time, revenue and growth.